FROM THERE TO HERE is one of those records you have to make for yourself. It started out as a handful of demos as the result of a jam in 2003 with Roy, Wayne Hall, Alan Corne & Travis White at the Southern Cross Uni in Lismore NSW.

For years it sat on a shelf in the dust, but in Roy's mind it was always fresh with strong songs & lyrics & as a record he wanted to make.The chance showed itself in Jan 08 & recording started in Zurich with Craig Calhoun on bass, Masanori "Cherry" Koyanagi on drums, Travis White on guitars with Roy's voice & featured many guest artists. It was always going to be a promo album for Roy & he hoped to have it picked up by the industry. Some remixing has been done, followed by 2 showcase gigs in Japan in Nov 09....This rocking album will be available very soon for you all to hear...

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From There To Here

Released soon